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Let's find a way to take back your life.


I offer secure, online video counselling to individual and couples looking for cancer support.  In addition to specialized training in psycho-social oncology, I have ten years’ experience working with individuals and families living with cancer. 

Cancer has a tendency to take over your life and after a while it can be hard to remember what normal feels like.  Let's work together to build a new normal that still feels like you. 


Being diagnosed and treated for cancer can have a negative impact on your mental health and your closest relationships.  We know that between 35-45% of all cancer patients experience significant emotional distress.  This is also true for their loved ones. 

The experience of cancer adds another layer to your life. Any difficulties or stressors that were there before can now be extra challenging.  Following a diagnosis, the focus tends to be on problem solving, such as arranging appointments, canceling or postponing other commitments, deciding among treatment options, and starting them.  As treatment continues or ends, you may realize you have feelings and reactions of grief to the losses you have experienced along the way.

Multiple experiences of loss and grief happen through the cancer experience, from diagnosis to treatment to post-treatment.  For many people, the experience of living with cancer involves real or possible losses of health, independence, roles, and relationships. The loss may be temporary or permanent, life-altering or a minor inconvenience.  These losses can often create deep sadness or anger, which is normal and expected.

Having a confidential space to express your thoughts and emotions is one of the best ways to maintain your emotional health through these challenging times.  We know that people living with cancer who receive support, like counselling, are better able to manage things such as:

  • Fear, anxiety and depression

  • Family tensions

  • Relationship problems

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Financial stressors

How do I know if I need counselling?

It is normal to feel distressed when you or someone you love has cancer.  Seeking help is important when your feelings affect your ability to cope with your daily life or if the distress is persistent over time.  You may find counselling helpful even if your level of distress is not severe.  Living with cancer is a huge challenge for everyone.  Even a few counselling sessions are likely to improve your ability to cope. 

Things I can help with:​​

  • Illness related depression and anxiety

  • Defining your version of quality of life and create a plan to achieve it

  • Resist pressures to be an illness "warrior"

  • Relationship changes and challenges, including caregiver dynamics

  • Sexual health and intimacy

  • Changes to body image

  • Strategies to prevent the illness from taking over your whole life

  • Guide and support parenting decisions

  • End-of-life planning

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