End-of-Life Planning

I help people make end-of-life plans.  In addition to ten years working as a clinical social worker in oncology (cancer), I also have a post-graduate certificate in palliative care from Lakehead University.  I am passionate about supporting people choose their own path at end-of-life.  That may include the option for an assisted death, also known as Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).   

Through the course of our work together you may change your mind about what you want.  That's ok!  The point is to seize the opportunity for thoughtful consideration and planning. 

I provide secure online video counselling to individual, couples, and family counselling

That means we can do this work from the comfort of your home, hospital, or hospice.  I recognize that accessible support services at end-of-life are important.

Considerations include practical choices like where you want to receive your end-of-life care; who you would like to support you; and rituals of importance. 

It can also include thinking about the conversations you’d like to have with your loved ones or legacies you'd like to leave behind. ​

Including me in your end-of-life journey means having an experienced co-pilot to:

  • help you design a personal end-of-life plan

  • support you to share your end-of-life plan with loved ones 
and facilitate understanding about your choices

  • plan a good-bye party, celebration of life, or living funeral that is meaningful for you and your loved ones

  • provide counselling to support you to resolve a difficult relationship or gain closure before your death

  • help your loved ones feel more prepared for your death, which improves bereavement outcomes

  • If you are considering an assisted death, I can provide support through the MAiD assessment process.

To better understand the kind of support I can offer through the MAiD process, please read the following article that I published on social work practice in assisted dying:

Palliative Care Counselling Vancouver -

*Please note that although I provide emotional and practical support through the MAiD assessment process, I do not provide eligibility assessments. 


Please contact: Vancouver Coastal Health Assisted Dying Service


1.844.550.5556 or assisteddying@vch.ca


Working together:

  • The initial session (75 minutes) is for me to get a sense of who you are, where you are in your end-of-life journey, and discuss your concerns, goals, and hopes for your end-of-life. 

  • By the end of this first session, we will have agreed upon priorities to work on moving forward.

  • Subsequent sessions (60 minutes) are devoted to working on your priorities.  For example:

    • if you need my help navigating a relationship, we will can do couples or family counselling. 

    • if you want to plan a good-bye party, we can devote a session to party planning.

    • if you need support through the MAiD process, then we will come up with a support plan.

    • I can also meet with your loved ones separately to provide them with support services

  • Together, we will identify any unfinished business, validate what’s most important for you, and co-create a personalized end-of-life support plan that considers you and your loved ones needs. 


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