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Individual Counselling


"Let difficulty transform you.  And it will. In my experience, we just need help in learning how not to run away."  

- Pema Chodron                                        

Asking for help can be hard.  There's pressure to meet the demands of a "balanced" life despite most of us living without a network of support.  We want to feel more connected but COVID-19 has pushed us into greater isolation.  It’s more important than ever to actively participate in our mental health.  Counselling expands your system of support and gives you a confidential space to explore the difficulties you're facing. 

I provide secure online video counselling to individuals and couples who are struggling to navigate:


What to Expect:

Clients tell me I'm easy to talk to, I ask good questions, and that I have a non-judgmental, pragmatic approach. Success of counselling largely depends on the relationship between the counsellor and client. My goal is to help you feel comfortable and safe so that you can share what’s on your mind.  In our first session together, I will focus on getting to know you and get an initial understanding of what brought you to counselling.


Things we may discuss:

  • When the issue started and how it has evolved over time

  • Other factors related to the issue

  • How your life might be different if the issue was gone, your hopes for the future

  • Background information about you to better understand you as a whole person

  • Your goals for counselling

Ideally, goals for therapy are determined collaboratively.  It's ok if you don't know what your goals are right away - that can be a part of the work we do.  Over the course of counselling, I may give you exercises, readings or homework to do outside of the session or tools that you can use to help you with specific issues. 

My background as a clinical social worker includes training in emotionally-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, and feminist therapy.  Working together, I bring this knowledge to help you explore early relationships with parents or caregivers, address unresolved trauma or hurt, and examine what you want in current or future relationships. 

In our work together we will:

  • Separate the problem from your sense of self

  • Explore the kinds of relationships you want to have 

  • Clarify your values, what’s most important to you, and dream big

  • Learn healthier and more effective ways to manage low mood, anxiety, and stress

  • Cultivate authentic, fulfilling relationships

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries 

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