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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives"
  - Esther Perel

As humans, we are wired for connection.  When we are babies, being connected to our parent or caregiver ensures survival.  Throughout our lives having the support of others and a sense of belonging improves our well-being and self-worth.  Healthy relationships can show us how to love, how to receive love, and inspire how we want to show up in the world.  In short, relationships are a powerful force in our lives.  

Unfortunately, our society has grown increasingly isolated from one another, particularly in light of the global pandemic we are currently living through.  We are not designed to live this way.  In fact, research shows that loneliness can have devastating consequences to our health. 


Our closest relationships tend to shoulder the responsibility for support and connection that was once distributed across extended family and community.  As a result, our most important relationships can feel stressed and strained rather than a safe sanctuary.

I offer secure video counselling for individuals and couples wanting to explore relationship issues.  Counselling increases your network of support and gives you a safe and confidential space to reflect on your most important relationships.  It allows you to pause and be intentional about what you want your relationships to look like moving forward.

Counselling may be helpful if you find yourself asking:

How do I heal my relationship with my family?

Will I ever find a partner who really “gets” me?

Can I learn to trust again?

Does my partnership bring out the best in me?

How can my relationships be more fulfilling? 

My background as a clinical social worker includes training in couples and family counselling, family systems therapy, and attachment-based therapy.  Working together, I bring this knowledge to build new awareness and understanding about your relationships. This can include exploring your early relationships with parents or caregivers, examining what you want in current or future relationships (family, friends, partners), and couples or family counselling.


What if I’m single?

Lots of people find going to counselling when they aren’t dating or partnered to be helpful in processing past relationships, gain insight about what didn't work, and avoid bringing old hurt into future relationships.  It also gives you the opportunity to really clarify what you are looking for in your next relationship.   


How do I know if we need couples counselling?

Generally speaking, most couples wait too long before starting couples counselling.  Just like your car, your home, and your garden benefit from regular maintenance, so does your relationship.  It's a lot easier to work on your relationship when you aren't in crisis, so consider scheduling regular couples counselling as a form of maintenance. 

Things I can help with:

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