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Personal Growth

personal growth counselling
"The grass is greener where you water it."
- Neil Barringham

Some people see counselling as a “last resort” - reserved for when life is at a crisis point.  But seeking counselling for personal growth and development is equally important. You can think of it as “me time”; reserving space in your life to focus on building self-awareness and insight, clarifying what is most important to you, and considering which direction you want to go next. 


Doing this work not only benefits you as an individual but also can positively impact how you show up in your closest relationships.  

It’s a pro-active approach to mental health.


Just like going to the dentist or changing the oil in your car, your mental health needs to be maintained.  Rather than ignoring mental health until a crisis pops us, regular counselling provides you the opportunity to get off autopilot and consider how to live a more authentic, fulfilling life.  We must participate in our wellness in order to have growth. 

What is personal growth?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’ve got growing pains.

They’ve hit a growth spurt.

We’ve grown apart.


Growing is how we often describe the changes we experience as we mature through life.  Just as our bodies grow into adulthood, so do our identities and our relationships.  We are constantly evolving and adapting to our lives. 

But personal growth doesn’t happen automatically.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck and you don’t know how to gain traction.  Or you start to feel like you’ve outgrown a relationship.  Or a career.  Maybe you can see how you want to grow but something is holding you back.  These are all opportunities for growth if you give yourself the time to explore it in counselling.  

What will we talk about?

I want to hear about what’s important to you, where you'd like to grow to, and understand what’s getting in the way.  If you don’t know what kind of growing you want to do, we can start there. We will spend time discovering what’s important to you, clarifying your values, and make a plan that’s authentic and practical.

I offer online, secure video counselling to individuals and couples across British Columbia.  This allows you to access counselling from the comfort of your own environment, without the hassle of commuting and parking.  


Things I can help with:


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